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Eve has returned to paradise and she’s taking it back:

Paradise Reclaimed is a novel about interstellar colonisation. It is set in two time periods.

The first period is set sometime in the near future when the brilliant Indian physicist Akash Jayarama unwraps the mystery of spacetime and discovers a way to teleport people to distant stars. As the world descends into economic collapse, social confusion and war he discovers a paradise on a new planet and establishes a colony based on the principle: new planet – new rules.

The second period is set two hundred years into the future. The colony has rebuilt its population, prospered and regained the ability to travel the stars. They return to Earth and encounter a planet that has reverted to a brutish, pre-industrial state.

Can they rescue Earth?

Paradise Reclaimed is the first book of a proposed trilogy. Book two is titled: The Golden City.

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