Thought I’d share these. Happy accidents. I didn’t come to take photographs, just snapshots. I have a simple digital camera that has some limitations. I did briefly contemplate buying something more sophisticated but I didn’t want to slip into ‘photographer’ mode and spend my time looking for unique shots. But then these happened and I thought they were worth reproducing. The more abstract one was taken behind the clock face in the D’Orsay.

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2 Responses to Two Photos of Paris

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice work, Ray! My favourite is the second one. I love the bright white, and the subtle separation of the one gentleman in front of the camera from the black mass in front of him.

  2. Rev. Benjamin M. Root IV says:

    Not to discredit a nice shot, but you can’t get any other representation of the d’Orsay clock. There are ALWAYS a dozen people standing in front of it taking pics (including my guilty self), and if you try to stand back patiently for an broader shot, someone else steps in front of you. In fact, most of my pics in Paris seem to be of other people taking pix. Collective media greed. Shessh people, at least be aware, and take turns.

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