There’s been a little storm in the blogosphere over an article written by Catherine Manning on Mamamia. My concern is not the details of the controversy, but a very revealing response from Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B Kids and some members of Collective Shout, to which both Julie and Melinda Tankard Reist are closely connected.

It is damning evidence that Julie Gale and Collective Shout actually do not know what sexualisation is; that they interpret ‘pornification’ and sexualisation to be the same things.

In a response to Catherine, Julie Gale argues that there is substantive support for her position.

I have worked for half a decade raising awareness about this issue and so am very curious to know who are the ‘many you have worked alongside’ that have said: 
‘girls dressing like women was asking for trouble’ – or –
‘if you want to project your child from predators, cover them up’.
 In my 6 years of raising awareness about sexualisation I have not heard any of my ‘anti-sexualisation’ colleagues say either – but it would be concerning if someone did. 
I agree it would be important to correct those ‘many people’.
 It wasn’t me – so was it Dr Michael Carr Gregg – or Dr Joe Tucci – or Dr Emma Rush – or Dr Clive Hamilton – or Maggie Hamilton – or Melinda Tankard Reist – or Professor Louise Newman – or Former Chief Justice of the Family Court Alastair Nicholson – or Danielle Miller – or Steve Biddulph – or head of the AMA Dr Steve Hambleton or Professor Elisabeth Handsley? 
Or perhaps it was someone from the Victorian Principals Association – or maybe you read these statements in a report from the American Psychological Association, or The UK Home office report, or The Scottish and Irish Parliament and French Government reports – or perhaps from 
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. (see Here).

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