After discussing Maladolescenza starring Eva Ionesco, I thought it was important I revisit her recent film, My Little Princess. After a closer look I now think this film makes a critically important contribution to the debate around the sexualisation of children. This is because it is a semi-autobiographical account by the one person who pushed the boundaries much, much further than anyone else. Not only did she pose nude for her mother, photographer Irina Ionesco, she notoriously appeared in Italian Playboy at age 11 photographed by French glamour photographer Jacques Bourboulon. He posed her as he would an adult model. I will publish just one of the more modest, semi-nude images – there are more explicit full nudes (this image has been legally available on Google images for some time) to indicate the exact nature of her work with Bourboulon. Obviously the intent was to sexualise Ionesco. Can there be any doubt?

Bourboulon was not the only noted photographer to work with Ionesco. She also worked with artists Pierre et Gilles. I have already published Adam and Eve but for good measure here is a set mimicking a photo booth and one of her with none other than Dali.


Ionesco with Salvador Dali, Pierre et Gilles

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