I know I had said that this series was finished – although I did add that I might return to it at some point. I’ve taken a break from writing my SciFi novel (which is progressing well) and when flicking through my notebook, saw the odd name Woutherus Mol, a 19th Century painter from the Netherlands.

This painting is called An Academic Study of a Man and a Woman, 1808, although it is clear it is not of a woman but a pre-pubescent girl. This is worth reproducing because it is, as the title says, a typical academic figure study (perhaps for a another thematic painting). What is startling is that the girl is fully naked in the presence of an older male model, her hand touching his body. This would have been painted using live models. And what it tells us is that there is a well established tradition of children being hired to model for artists, from at least the Renaissance through to the modern era. It seems only to be have become a matter of concern in recent times.