I have already reproduced an example of Pascin‘s work but having done that I didn’t really take a second look. I should have. Pascin’s work is important to this topic in several ways. The first is that he did several child nudes as well as conventional child studies. The second would seem to be who these children may have been. Pascin is also noted for his studies of prostitutes and it may be reasonable to assume that some of his child models were somehow related to these prostitutes (it is even possible some might have been child prostitutes, although we cannot be certain). The third is that Pascin also produced erotica, although this appears to have been confined to adult erotica. The fourth is that Pascin’s works are regularly traded in the mainstream art market, with a sketch of a child nude fetching €4000 at auction through Christies.

This raises important questions about where to draw the line. It also asks us to consider why Pascin’s works are freely available but the work of contemporary artists are persecuted? How different is Pascin’s work to someone like Graham Ovenden, other than the fact that Ovenden is alive?

Young girl in red


Clara and Genevieve (Louvre)


Sitting girl


Sitting girl (2)


Sitting girl (3)


Sold at Christies


Sold at Christies