The theme of City is the clash between cultures and sub-cultures. If anything irritates me it is the narrow-minded middle-class defence of mediocrity. We live in a rich and complex world with many intriguing cultures and sub-cultures. Yet the mediocre cling to the dull values of their narrow middle-class lives, every now and then popping their heads out of their suburban burrows to express shock.

City investigates a series of murders done as art. Sub-cultures clash as an ordinary detective is thrust into the world of street art, Japanese manga and the pop culture world of fantasy. She encounters values and ideas at war with each other.

One of the ideas I explore is the impact of Japanese manga and anime on Western pop art, and in reverse, how the Japanese subvert Western themes and archetypes.

One such Japanese artist is Takato Yamamoto. You can easily see the influence of the shunga tradition. Of particular interest is the appearance of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, a subject of particular fascination to the Japanese Gothic sensibility.