Following my last post about the denial of childhood sexuality and the insistence that children are ‘presexual’… How do the deniers explain hypersexuality in children?

Hypersexuality appears in children who suffer various forms of hypomania. It is most understood in children with juvenile bipolar disorder, but it is also found amongst gifted children with Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities. Although some children are naturally more sexual than others.

What’s going on? Basically the sexual arousal system is hardwired from birth. It is instinctive. Various conditions stimulate the sexual system in children and they begin to exhibit a number of sexual behaviours.

This can be extremely problematic in a society that denies the reality of children’s sexuality.

Hypersexuality in children is rarely discussed about for two reasons: one is that (bipolar or not) sexuality in children is simply not spoken about in public; and the other, sadly, is that parents of hypersexual children are afraid to mention the subject — even over email. They are petrified that Child Protective Services will find out and wrongly assume that a hypersexual child is an overstimulated child, and that that overstimulation stems from sexual abuse in the home. Few people — even the professionals at the Departments of Child and Families (DCF) or Child Protective Services (CPS) realize that hypersexuality is so common during the manic or hypomanic stages of bipolar disorder (in adults and in children) — and so it is rarely if ever factored into the equation. Parents of bipolar children fear losing custody of their children based on these suspicions of abuse. The Bipolar Child Newsletter