In earlier posts I said that those who object to photographs of naked children do so out of a profound ignorance of a well established precedent. They also, quite noticeably, say they act in the best interests of the child without ever actually asking what the child subjects think. I have provided direct quotes from several such models in earlier posts: from Jessie Mann, Miranda and Kai Beverly-Whittemore and Misty Dawn.

Well here’s two more: Nikki and Lotte Mulder. These are Lotte’s words:

My parents thought it could have a positive effect on our self-esteem, especially that of my sister Nikki. She didn’t know she looked so gorgeous, and when you told her, she wouldn’t believeyou. But everyone looks up when she passes by.

Jock has photographed me every year from around the age of six or seven. His pictures tell the story of my life. They show me growing up. His work also portrays relationships – my relationship with my sister, and now, with my first love. I think of it as a gift. from Notes

Lotte, Vera (mother), Nikki


You can find this, and other Sturges images, at Paul Cava Fine Art. What is interesting about Lotte’s words is that she talks about posing naked as increasing her self-esteem. This is a surprisingly common theme.

The thing is, it is completely counter-intuitive to the deep-rooted idea of body shame. But it is the notion of body shame that lies at the heart of the problem of negative body image.  It must confound the moral conservatives to hear the subjects of these photos speak with pride. More on this soon…