I’ve been a bit tardy posting about Amy Lee, given she’s a perfect example of the type of talent that Bliss from my novel Wild Child has. Amy is the lead singer of Goth Metal band Evanescence, well actually, Amy IS Evanescence.

Amy started learning piano at a young age and by 11 she had already written her first song and formed an ambition to be a classical composer. When she was 13 she met Ben Moody at a youth camp and they decided to form a band (eventually Evanescence). They released their first EP when she was 17.

Their sound is classically influenced Gothic, Operatic rock, with Amy providing soaring vocals and piano. It’s not a style too far from that I imagine Bliss performing, although Bliss is much more rooted in the blues and the guitar style of Jimi Hendrix and her dress style Hindu Goth.