One of the problems with the sexualisation debate is that is so white and middle-class. As Australia turns towards China and Asia, and as Asian immigration increases, it is quite natural that we begin to see the influence of Asian culture. Asian Pop is starting to be noticed in Australia and SBS now runs a program dedicated to Asian pop music. I’ve already mentioned the way that Japanese pop culture selects certain Western themes (and memes) and twists them in unique ways. And whilst the moral conservatives panic about the influence of Black and Latino music on white, middle-class girls (Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna, etc) they remain strangely silent about the Asian influence.

Of course, most of the concern around sexualisation is about girls so I thought I’d draw attention to the way boys are presented in Asian pop. In short they are feminised and juvenilised. It is almost the opposite of Black and Latino machismo. Male performers are ‘cute’ and androgynous. A good example is Korean boy-band D-NA. Anyway, food for thought.