This is absolutely delightful. Tippi Degré is a French girl born in Namibia. Her parents let her live a fairly wild existence playing with animals and befriending the tribespeople. It seems a wonderful childhood.  There’s not much to say. I’ve embedded the documentary made about her childhood, Le Monde selon Tippi (The World according to Tippi) and a few photos. They say it all. Enjoy. Oh, and btw, Tippi was home schooled and seems intellectually gifted. She has since passed her Baccalauréat and is studying cinema at the Sorbonne.

Note: there is an interesting contrast to be drawn between Tippi and Bindi Irwin. I have no wish to detract from Bindi in the slightest. I fully support the way she has been raised. The contrast is one between the more liberal and relaxed French culture and the more prudish Anglophone cultures. We just would never have seen images of Bindi wandering around the Australian bush naked or semi-naked. There would have been an outcry.

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