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Quantum Teleportation

This is a fascinating area of physics that informs the physics of Paradise. We can expect to see more breakthroughs in quantum teleportation..

Quantum Computing

 The protagonist of Paradise, Akash Jayarama, makes his money by developing commercial quantum computing. This is another area of science that has important implications.

Anarchist Transhumanism

There's no hiding the fact that Paradise is a transhumanist novel and this is exactly the type of debate some of the main characters would be involved in: The Incoherence and Unsurvivability of Non-Anarchist Transhumanism.

Genetics And The Brain

One of the more complex areas of genetic engineering is changing the human brain. Human intelligence is controlled by a complex of genes, some of which control other functions. But we can still expect to see progress and maybe, one day, we can enhance intelligence. See this German study.

Kepler Exoplanets

 One of the key plot lines of Paradise is the discovery of exoplanets. There has been a revolution in this field an as more powerful methods come online we can expect more exciting discoveries, perhaps we will even detect life. This article is a good overview of the discoveries made by the Kepler telescope.

Privatised Space Flight.

The protagonist of Paradise, Akash Jayarama, is able to pretend he is another wealthy player in growing commercial space flight market, along with Virgin, Space X and a growing list.This article explores just one such venture. 

Gifted Kids: Sabrina Pasterski

No longer a child, but a young physics whizz - Sabrina Pasterski

Gifted Kids: Kashmea Wahi

One of the themes of Paradise is gifted kids. As I come across examples I'll make a note in this blog. This is Kashmea Wahi .

Cool Science Labs

 It doesn't really need to be said that science happens in some pretty drab surrounds, but occasionally there are some very cool labs. I can easily imagine Akash working in environs like some of these.

Mercenary Armies

Part of Paradise is set in the near future. As I've been doing research I have been surprised at how quickly things are happening. I do not want to suggest that I have prescience - most of these things are logical extrapolations of current trends. Rather, it's the speed of change. Here is an interesting article about the increasing use of mercenary armies .