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Rethinking Architecture

What if you could go to a new planet and start again? How would we create a new architecture? New planet - new rules.

Gifted Kids: Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher is a truly extraordinary talent. Now imagine if we colonised a planet with children of this calibre?

Sci Fi And Inspiration

An interesting article on tech leaders like Elon Musk reading Sci Fi for inspiration. FYI - Paradise is definitely in the Utopian category. Anyway, interesting read. 

Gifted Kids: Alyssa Lock

I'm beginning to suspect that the more young girls succeed, the more conservatives complain about the sexualisation of girls. And here we have another young girl busting the barriers. Alyssa Lock is 12 and was the youngest surfer to compete in a professional event when she contested the recent trials of the Roxy Pro. It's a pity that in an article in the Australian, fellow competitor and four-time world champion, Lisa Andersen resorted to cliches.I didn't even start surfing until I was 15. You like seeing super-talented kids get some experience and there's no harm putting a few miles in, [...]

Gifted Kids: Brooke Raboutou

This one is a coincidence. In the last few days I've been fleshing out a character for my SciFi novel. Her first scene sees her doing a tough cross-country trial that includes rock climbing. She is a skilled athlete with a particular ability to climb - although she has genetically enhanced strength, speed and has deliberately halted puberty so she can maintain the perfect body for her chosen sports. So, even though she is in her early twenties she has the body of a child with the strength of an adult.Then this turns up on FB. It's a video of [...]

Inquiry Into The Education Of Gifted And Talented Students

I was pleased to see the Victorian government publish the Inquiry into the education of gifted and talented student . It is long overdue. The people who have followed this blog since its inception will know that I am interested in the education of gifted and talented children and occasionally I will do a post on these children. Behind everything I do on this blog is a complaint that conservatives deliberately hold back children as a form of control. The childhood culture wars are ultimately about creating children in the conservative image. Gifted and talented children are a problem because [...]

Update On Laura Dekker

This is great news. I had mentioned Laura Dekker in relation to the furor over solo sailor Jessica Watson, namely that certain moral conservatives (ie, Michael Carr-Gregg) had argued that Jessica was too young and should be prevented from making her attempt. Jessica proved them to be the idiots they are by succeeding brilliantly and becoming a national hero and Young Australian of the Year.Laura has had her own battles and like Jessica has proved her critics wrong. She has announced that she is about to successfully complete her solo voyage, becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the world. Congratulations [...]

Wild Child: The World According To Tippi

This is absolutely delightful. Tippi Degré is a French girl born in Namibia. Her parents let her live a fairly wild existence playing with animals and befriending the tribespeople. It seems a wonderful childhood.  There's not much to say. I've embedded the documentary made about her childhood, Le Monde selon Tippi (The World according to Tippi) and a few photos. They say it all. Enjoy. Oh, and btw, Tippi was home schooled and seems intellectually gifted. She has since passed her Baccalauréat and is studying cinema at the Sorbonne. there is an interesting contrast to be drawn between Tippi [...]

The Spirit Of Artemis: Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle

One of the aims of this blog is to challenge the misconception that Western civilization is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition. A close examination will show that in so many ways it is a continuation of the original Greco-Roman tradition. Indeed, I have argued that Christianity is really Greco-Judaism and would not have survived if it did not return to the classical tradition to reinforce its theology and its culture.As a result many of our favourite stories are actually not derived from the Bible, but from either the Greco-Roman or Nordic and Celtic cultures.Rather uncharacteristically I was watching day time [...]

Indian Classical Dance And Temple Prostitutes (bharatanatyam And The Devidasi Tradition)

I want to begin this post with a video of an Indian classical dancer performing ananda tandavam with a move called urdhva tandav, in which she lifts her leg to side of her head. It is not the best example because she is a little unsteady, but its still a good example (you only need to watch the first 45 secs). with most things in India, there are several variations on the story of this dance. It is always associated with Shiva as nataraj, the lord of the dance, but it's origin is the indigenous goddess traditions. The pose is [...]