The Politics

Super Intelligent Humans Are Coming

This is an excellent overview - super intelligent humans are coming -  of the issue of genetically enhanced intelligence. Sci-fi suffers from a deep prejudice about intelligence. The super intelligent are either mad scientists or emotionless Spocks. Whilst it is true that some with high intelligence in one area can be lacking in other areas (the socially awkward nerd) the reality is that people with a high intelligence are usually gifted in most areas.

Dark Money

This is a complex topic. I only touch on it in 'Paradise', simply because such complexity would distract from the narrative. It is also a subject easily confused by conspiracy theories. The book Dark Money by journalist Jane Mayer is an accurate and thorough examination of how the elites manipulate public policy. It examines the network set up by the infamous US based Koch brothers, but similar networks exist in other economies. There is no one great conspiracy, but rather a complex of competing conspiracies. Corporations already attack each other through aggressive takeovers, legislative traps (aided by compliant politicians controlled by [...]

The Age Of Transhumanist Politics

Just another article that may be of interest. I'm not going to debate the merits of transhumanist politics on this blog. I'll save that for the pages of Paradise. An interesting interview with Roland Benedikter

Aldous Huxley And Brave New World

Okay, a confession (perhaps a spoiler), Paradise owes a lot to the Huxley's - Julian and Aldous. There are elements of Brave New World and Island in Paradise. There have been attempts made at filming Brave New World, but they usually falter at an accurate depiction, usually stumbling over the radical and frank approach to sexuality. We'll have to wait and see about this attempt by Ida Kar,photograph,1959 .  

Anarchist Transhumanism

There's no hiding the fact that Paradise is a transhumanist novel and this is exactly the type of debate some of the main characters would be involved in: The Incoherence and Unsurvivability of Non-Anarchist Transhumanism.

Mercenary Armies

Part of Paradise is set in the near future. As I've been doing research I have been surprised at how quickly things are happening. I do not want to suggest that I have prescience - most of these things are logical extrapolations of current trends. Rather, it's the speed of change. Here is an interesting article about the increasing use of mercenary armies .