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How Far Is Too Far?

I was born in 1955, so I came to my maturity during the 70's, a time of great social change and the pushing of sexual and artistic boundaries. As Eva Ionesco said in my post on My Little Princess:

Alternative Australia By Peter Cock

This is a find. Peter Cock's book 'Alternative Australia'. Why? Because I took the front and rear cover photos. These are part of the Berri Confest photos on this site. Except I sold these to the publishers and relinquished my rights. Peter is alive and well and involved in the Moora Moora Co-op. I've ordered it from an antique booksellers and here's the cover. Good to see it after all these years.

My Moral Landscape

Having examined Sam Hariss's views on morality I thought I should mention my own views. I think the prime ethical imperative is to pursue one's highest developmental potential. Science has given us a good idea of what that potential looks like in terms of our physical, emotional and intellectual selves. Here I would add that this is not a selfish pursuit and that our own full potential is best achieved in a culture that seeks its own 'collective' highest potential - the Golden Rule applies. For example, it follows that poverty inhibits the realisation of this prime directive and therefore [...]

Pilgrimage To Readings

It's getting to be a tradition. Around every six months (my birthday and Xmas) I go into Carlton and buy up big at Readings, perhaps the best bookshop in Melbourne and something of a Melbourne cultural landmark. This trip I bought: Sex at Dawn: the Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. You'll be hearing much more about this gem. For now I'll leave you with this quote from Alan Dixson at the beginning of chapter 21, The Pervert's Lament, in light of my previous post on paedophilia. Paraphilias are not universally present in human societies, [...]

Film Stills: Noriko Watanabe

I've mentioned that I worked for the Network Film Co. It had big plans. We had a visit from Roy Disney with a view to doing animation. We imported an Elicon motion control system: state of the art robotics before digital technology made it redundant. Yep, big plans - that fizzled - badly. They attempted to make a scifi movie called Keiron. It went way over budget. In order to satisfy the contract they cobbled together a thing called Starview. You won't have heard of it. No one saw it, and no one who worked on it ever owned up [...]

More B&W

Some Old B&W Work

Still scanning... Into the old B&W negatives now. Always liked these two, shot in the same shopping mall in '75.

Mardi Gras

These are some of my favourite shots taken at the '83 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. When I looked at them again I was struck by how surreal the costumes are. Make of them what you will.


The protagonist in my novel Navaratri is a fashion photographer. After the film industry collapsed in '86 I tried my hand at stills work, including some portfolio work for friends wanting to try modeling. Usually I gave them the film, but for some reason I was left with the negatives from one roll. These were shot at Curl Curl around '88-'89. They are of a friend called Helen.  


There are people who have a profound impact on your life. As I was writing Navaratri I realised that the first section of the book owes a lot to one person, Kathy Hickson. And for this reason I will dedicate the book to her. I first met Kathy at a national meeting of DTE held in northern NSW. It was the meeting that led to the resignation of Dr Jim Cairns (over the direction of DTE - I wrote the letter asking for his resignation). We clicked almost immediately, but I lived in Melbourne and Kathy lived in Sydney. We [...]