Beauty And Sexualisation

This is a tough one to try and untangle, but it's important. Whilst it is true that we often find beauty sexually arousing, the two are not necessarily connected. It is also true that we can find some forms of beauty sexually cold, or non-arousing and be sexually aroused by things that are not beautiful. Unfortunately many people are confused about these differences, especially those who complain about the sexualisation of children. They interpret a picture of a beautiful child as sexualising that child. I am more and more convinced that many of the people complaining about sexualisation mistake [...]

The Naked Child In Art: Francois Boucher

So, staying in the French Rococo... François Boucher took things a bit further than either Fragonard or Greuze. By today's paradoxical standards (that admits hard core porn yet forbids youthful eroticism) Boucher crosses the line. Yet he is a significant artist represented in galleries around the world. It seems time and fame protect him. His most infamous work is the 1740 version of Leda and the Swan (there are other versions). The reason for its infamy is obvious, yet people gloss over the fact that Leda is a young adolescent. How do we know? It should be obvious. She does [...]

The Spirit Of Artemis: Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle

One of the aims of this blog is to challenge the misconception that Western civilization is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition. A close examination will show that in so many ways it is a continuation of the original Greco-Roman tradition. Indeed, I have argued that Christianity is really Greco-Judaism and would not have survived if it did not return to the classical tradition to reinforce its theology and its culture.As a result many of our favourite stories are actually not derived from the Bible, but from either the Greco-Roman or Nordic and Celtic cultures.Rather uncharacteristically I was watching day time [...]

Clive Hamilton (4): Women And Essentialism

Okay, last post on Clive Hamilton. This one is prompted by an opinion piece that appeared in The Age whilst I was writing my other comments. I think it perfectly summarises his conservatism. It's called Feminism's front-line killer blow and it reveals what really motivates him, a long discredited idealist philosophy, or, in more modern terms: essentialism. Turns out Clive has some obnoxious essentialist views about women, and men. If women have their own history, we should celebrate the uniquely female rather than bury it under the demand for equality. Women's morality differs from that of men. Feminist philosopher Carol [...]

Ellyse Perry Goal

I've mentioned Ellyse Perry in my series on women who embody the archetype of Artemis. I don't usually talk about sporting highlights, but this goal by Ellyse clearly displays her skill. The thing to remember is that this is off her left foot and she favours her right. Sadly the Matildas lost the game to Sweden 3-1.

Wild Child: Soairse Ronan

The work of Soairse Ronan covers a number of issues of concern to my two novels, Wild Child and Navaratri. Firstly Soairse is clearly gifted, but it is her image and her choice of movies (as much as she has a choice) which clearly embrace the transgressive. I think this is the thing that the moral conservatives do not understand, that normal roles are boring and non-challenging. I mean, they really do want us to live quite dull lives. Soairse's first significant film role was in Atonement in which she plays a child who witnesses the interplay of the [...]

The Spirit Of Artemis: Jasmine Parr And Georgina Barton

I'm not a fan of boxing. I won't be disappointed if they ban the sport. But if it's okay for boys to box, it's okay for girls like Jasmine Parr. Jasmine hit the headlines recently because her father, noted Thai boxer John Parr, entered her in her first competitive fight at age 8. I'm not sure why Jasmine got all the headlines. What about her opponent, 7 year-old Georgina Barton? What, didn't have a famous dad? So why shouldn't girls fight if boys can? The problem here, once again, is the influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition in which girls are [...]

Rock Chicks: Brooke Addamo, Aka Owl Eyes

This one covers a few of my themes. Once again we have a young woman who seems to have bypassed the whole sexualization scandal. There's a lot of of them in the indie scene. The other reason for posting this clip is because it is based on the Artemis myth. I'm not suggesting it's a great song, just that it is relevant...

The Spirit Of Artemis: Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry is a rare talent, a real golden child - prefect, captain of sports, athletics, soccer and cricket. At the moment she is noted for representing Australia in both cricket and soccer at the age of 16, taking the title of youngest ever test cricketer, male or female. But she's more than that. She's also going to Sydney University, although one wonders how far she'll get given her popularity. She's already appearing on TV as a co-host on Football Stars of Tomorrow (Australia - One HD, part of the Ten Network).

Spirit Of Artemis: Bethany Hamilton

I haven't done one of these for a while... I was inspired by watching footage of Bethany Hamiltonsurfing. She's the girl who had her arm taken by a shark. She's shown great courage and skill by returning to surfing. She clearly has the spirit of Artemis. The curious thing about her is that she attributes her success to her strong Christian faith, saying on her blog that: We have all done, said or thought things that we know are wrong. In other words, we have chosen to go our own way instead of God's. This "going our own way" [...]