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I’m interested in gifted and extraordinary children. This series examines the nature of genius and giftedness.

Gifted Kids: Severn And Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Of course, it helps to have good genes, but I rather suspect that nurture has more to do with how these remarkable sisters have turned out. Severn and Sarika are the daughters of Dr David Suzuki and Dr Tara Cullis. Severn Cullis-Suzuki Sarika Cullis-Suzuki Severn became famous when she addressed the UN at age 12. Her address is a remarkable feat for a girl of her age, unless of course the girl is gifted and encouraged (rather than dumbed down). the video below Severn talks a little about her influences as a child. From what I can gather she [...]

Child Prodigy: Tiffany Poon

There are many young pianists, violinists, etc trying out at various competitions. All gifted. But Tiffany Poon is beyond talented and beyond gifted, she's a prodigy. She was given a toy piano at age 2 and was soon able to demonstrate an ability to play by ear. At age 8 she got a full scholarship to the prestigious Julliard School. She is also being studied by Professor Gary McPherson, an expert in musical giftedness.  The clip below is of her at age 11.

Talented Kids: Erzsebet Foldi

Erzsébet Földi played the daughter of the lead character in Bob Fosse's film All That Jazz. She was 13 at the time and the role was refreshingly transgressive. Erzsébet was a talented young dancer. Obviously. Otherwise Fosse would not have cast her. She is required to dance in several major sequences: a delightfully intimate pas de deux with Roy Scheider who plays her father; a show dance with her father's latest lover; and several sequences in the surgery hallucination sequence. Her character is surprisingly complex. As his daughter she is loving, precocious and worldly-wise. She knows of his many transgressions. [...]

Carole Laure And Clara Furey – Again

I've been contemplating why I've been somewhat excited at rediscovering Carole Laure. Why did she have such an impact on me? Yes she was beautiful, but there are plenty of beautiful actresses. There was always something else, something that captured my imagination. It wasn't that she appeared naked, again there were plenty of actresses who did nude scenes at the time - it was the 70's after all. I think it was the way she did nude scenes; as if she really was comfortable; as if she had her own well considered reasons for doing so; as if she was [...]

Child Prodigies: Quinn Sullivan

I've been focusing on girls, so time to correct the imbalance. Quinn Sullivan is a blues prodigy. I've only heard of him recently - well after I had conceived of Bliss's talent with the guitar. In truth I imagined her to be a little more technically advanced, but Quinn is damn close. There's plenty of stuff on Youtube: I've chosen these two because they demonstrate his skill, and as anyone who has read Wild Child knows, Bliss does a mean version of Voodoo Child - and the second is of Quinn jamming with non other than BB King and Buddy [...]

Wild Child: Girl Guitar Prodigies

When I was writing Wild Child I wondered if it was truly possible that Bliss could be that talented at such a young age. Well there's plenty of evidence. Thanks to Youtube girls are posting their guitar playing and there's plenty of impressive girl shredders out there. Here's Zoe aged 7 playing the riff from Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses. An anonymous 13 year-old playing her own composition, Game Changer. This girl is phenomenal and at exactly the skill level I imagined Bliss to have achieved at the same age.

Child Prodigy: Jackie Evancho

I've said that one of my primary ethical considerations is that people should be able to achieve their highest potential. If that means a child actor such as Jodie Foster or Dakota Fanning taking on transgressive roles then no one should stand in their way. But talent comes in all forms: sport, academics, writing, music - and in the case of Jackie Evancho, classical singing. Of course Jackie will be the darling of the moral conservatives because outwardly she conforms to the stereotype they like.This has nothing to do with her talent, which is exceptional. So, more strength to Jackie [...]

Musical Talent

The main character in my novel Wild Child, Bliss, is a musical genius. As I researched her character I was continually amazed at the musical genius of some people. Yesterday I watched a program about the search for new singing talent for a famous Baroque ensemble. I don't remember names, but I do remember one very talented singer who succeeded. She started out as a concert violinist but discovered she could sing to a very high standard. The scene that blew me away was of her explaining a passage of a Baroque lament to her boyfriend: she sat at the [...]

Child Prodigies: Dorothea Von Rodde-Schlozer

This is going back in history, but Dorothea Von Rodde-Schlözer was the first woman to receive a doctorate of philosophy in Germany - date: circa 1788. She could read at age 4 and at age 16 had mastered 9 languages. There is much about Dorothea that reflects the character of Dora in my novel Navaratri. Dora is also a skilled linguist and belongs to a unique category of gifted children who are gifted in all areas. We might call these children, the golden child. And talking of language prodigies - look at Wendy Vo, who at age 8 could speak [...]

Child Prodigies: Emily Bear

Child piano prodigies are almost a cliché, but Emily Bear is different. Many piano prodigies might be brilliant at reading music and playing complex pieces, but they can sometimes do so mechanically. Emily is different because she also composes. Not simple pieces, but complex, jazz inspired pieces. So much so that she is recognised as a composer, winning the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers' Morton Gould Young Composer Award at age 7. Bliss, the protagonist in my novel Wild Child has a similar compositional ability, although her instrument is the guitar. Bliss breathes music. This video is her [...]