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Dr Caroline Norma: Hypocrisy And Polemic.

I've read some strange arguments in my time but this one was so obviously hypocritical that it was laughable. In an opinion piece titled The disparaging and belittling of mothers: on mother shaming in the sexualisation debate Dr Caroline Norma makes this protest: How dare the elite media and privileged individuals who think themselves superior to the average mother, deride mothers and imply they’re not eligible for a view on how society should be improved? It smacks of classism. Why are mothers not eligible to speak on behalf of other women? Why can’t they lead the women’s movement (however that’s [...]

Sexual Shame

Discovering Susan Ullman's work locks in an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle (see Sex negative, sex positive: sex addiction). There are more pieces to be put in place of course, but at least we can begin to see the larger picture. I've mentioned two other important pieces before; the work of Robert Sapolsky and David Finklehor. The pattern that is emerging is that shame is a major factor in creating a neurotic 'stress' complex. This leads to the obvious conclusion that in order to prevent these stress complexes from arising we need to minimise shame. But this research is [...]

A New Understanding Of Child Abuse

Whilst I was thinking about doing this post an independent investigation (chaired by Wim Deetman) released its report on abuse within the Dutch Catholic Church. The report estimated that between 10,000 to 20,000 children had been sexually abused between 1945 and the present. The abuse rate was calculated to be twice that of the normal population. We can describe the reaction to child abuse as belonging to three distinct phases. 1. The phase of systemic abuse and denial. Prior to the 1970's child abuse was kept quiet. The taboo over discussing sexual matters meant that children did not reveal sexual [...]

Nora: An Act Of Rebellion

This is worth adding as a follow on from my series critiquing Abigail Bray - so consider it an addendum. The moral conservatives can only imagine harm and shame when it comes to images of naked children. They cannot shake the idea that nudity equals sex. That's why a naked picture always sexualises the subject, because to them nudity is sexual. But as I've pointed out several times, very often the children who pose naked deny any sexual intent or content, even later as adults. Nora is an interesting example because her mother was charged with producing child pornography for [...]

The Trauma Myth By Susan Clancy (part 2)

Okay, time to introduce the work of David Finklehor. Finklehor is what I'd describe as a core expert. The type of expert who does the hard work of original research and conception and the expert who all the other experts turn to. Look through any book on child abuse and you invariably find Finklehor mentioned in the notes or bibliography. Sadly the problem with the child abuse field is that it is dominated by self-appointed child advocates and populists who revel in opinion and who do not really understand the core research. I've already mentioned his Traumagenics Model and it [...]

The Trauma Myth By Susan Clancy (part 1)

I finally took delivery of my Amazon order, books not easy to find in Australian bookshops, not even Readings. They are: The Red Book: Liber Novus, a magnificent reproduction of Jung's infamous journal. The Book of Symbols published by Taschen. And The Trauma Myth by Dr Susan Clancy and Childhood Victimization by David Finklehor. It is these last two that are the subject of this review. The Trauma Myth is controversial because it directly challenges the current understanding of child sexual abuse. Or at least, challenges the common understanding. The inconvenient truth is that many core experts have long [...]

David Finkelhor

David Finklehor is perhaps one of the more significant researchers in the field of child abuse. He has made a number of significant contributions. His latest book is called Child Victimization.

Response To Rachel: Child Abuse And Pedophilia

My response to Emily (linked on FB) prompted an initially angry response from a woman called Rachel. She had interpreted it to mean I supported sex between children and adults. I do not. Here is my clarification for the record: Sorry for the delay in jumping in. I live in Oz - time difference. Okay, there's a lot to try and cover. First and importantly, pedophilia is a pathology. Having said that most child abuse is committed by non-pedophiles. Second, rape is rape and sexual assault is sexual assault - jail the bastards. Rachel, two dear friends of mine were [...]