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Tweens And Sexualisation In The 1950’s

I have long argued that the current sexualisation debate lacks historical perspective. It seems largely to be driven by anxious middle-class mothers who view the issue within their narrow cultural and generational perspective. Their anxiety leads them to believe that 'things' are worse now they they have ever been. Thus children, specifically girls, face more pressure at an earlier age. But is this really true? I actually think the situation is better than ever before. Boys and girls today have far more options, far more role models to choose from. Yes, there is the constant pressure from commercial interests, but [...]

Collective Shout, Julie Gale And My Fair Lady

There's been a little storm in the blogosphere over an article written by Catherine Manning on Mamamia. My concern is not the details of the controversy, but a very revealing response from Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B Kids and some members of Collective Shout, to which both Julie and Melinda Tankard Reist are closely connected. It is damning evidence that Julie Gale and Collective Shout actually do not know what sexualisation is; that they interpret 'pornification' and sexualisation to be the same things. In a response to Catherine, Julie Gale argues that there is substantive support for her position. [...]

Intentional And Interpretive Sexualisation

If only I had thought of this earlier, it might have made things clearer - but I didn't, so here goes... The word sexualisation describes a process whereby something that is not ordinarily considered to have a sexual meaning is given a sexual meaning. Regrettably the current debate over sexualisation is often intellectually lazy and naive and the word is used to confuse rather than enlighten. Perhaps the greatest confusion is between intentional and interpretive sexualisation. Intentional sexualisation occurs when the producer of an image/product/process intends to sexualise that image/product/process. Interpretive sexualisation occurs when the consumer of an image/product/process interprets [...]

Junior Idol, Sexualisation, Kawaii And The Clash Of Cultures

My third novel is concerned with the clash of cultures, east vs west. With the decline of America and Europe, Australia is increasingly turning to Asia. As a result there has been a corresponding increase in Asian immigration and therefore an increase in the popularity of Asian culture. As I write this my TV is tuned to SBS's Pop Asia which showcases, as the name suggests, pop music from Japan, Korea and China (especially Taiwan). A good example is Korean girl group Miss A, Bad Girl, Good Girl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RCYNBCsWuo The growing influence of Asian pop culture poses an interesting problem [...]

The History Of Children’s Fashion

I thought I might start adding some images that depict the change in children's fashion. In my search for examples of the naked child in art I naturally come across many more images of children wearing period clothing.  There is one site in particular that I'd like to acknowledge and that is I AM A CHILD, which contains an extensive library of images (and I mean extensive). The absurdity in the modern argument against the fashion industry sexualising girls lies in the blatant fact that the fashion industry is actually partially responsible for creating the image of childhood by developing [...]

Dr Emma Rush Is Now Being Just Plain Silly

Sigh, here we go again. In my entry Corporate Paedophilia I argued that Emma Rush has a tendency to see sexualisation where none exists. In an article in the Fairfax press, Sexed up tween advertising show fashion needs to grow up (with Caroline Norma) she claims that two short videos in the new Witchery '8fourteen' campaign sexualise the young models: The overall mood is romantic, but the moves, and how they are cut together, gave us the creeps. The girls pout and smile, twist and turn in front of the cameras to display their faces and their bodies. "Oh, [...]

Dr Emma Rush (2): Silencing The Erotic Imagination

Some argue that the first novel was The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatan) written by an 11th century Japanese noblewoman called Murasaki Shikibu. It has been praised as a book of great subtlety and psychological insight. Yet it is also porn. It was written as a series of installments and read to the women of the court to entertain and to titillate. Some of the detail is quite shocking. One of the major plot lines involves Genji's attraction to a beautiful 10 year-old girl who bears the same name as the author, Murasaki. He kidnaps her to train her as [...]

Dr Emma Rush: Sexual Idealism And Moral Control

Two seemingly innocent words have been nagging me this week. I didn't think they were worth writing about, but now that their author has written a piece attacking Michelle Griffin a few more pieces have fallen into place. The author of course, is Dr Emma Rush (who I mentioned in Corporate Paedophilia). The two seemingly innocent words were 'unique intimacy'. They come from her rather dismal apologia over at the ABC's Religion and Ethics: Media must do better on porn debate. Faced with this last, porn apologists point to the DIY porn genre, created and shared among consenting adults, without [...]

Corporate Paedophilia: The Australia Institute Discussion Paper

I was very well aware of this when the Australia Institute (when Clive Hamilton was director) released this discussion paper. It was all over the news. I wanted to read it but the AI decided to charge a fee. I declined. But now it is freely available (see Corporate Paedophilia). My immediate impression is that it is worthless propaganda. In fact it is pathetic. It pretends to academic rigour but instead rests on unsubstantiated opinion. Given that it had considerable impact at the time of its release it is well worth taking a closer look at its content. The first [...]