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A series on children who, one way or another, are considered gifted.

Gifted Kids: Alyssa Lock

I'm beginning to suspect that the more young girls succeed, the more conservatives complain about the sexualisation of girls. And here we have another young girl busting the barriers. Alyssa Lock is 12 and was the youngest surfer to compete in a professional event when she contested the recent trials of the Roxy Pro. It's a pity that in an article in the Australian, fellow competitor and four-time world champion, Lisa Andersen resorted to cliches.I didn't even start surfing until I was 15. You like seeing super-talented kids get some experience and there's no harm putting a few miles in, [...]

Gifted Kids: Brooke Raboutou

This one is a coincidence. In the last few days I've been fleshing out a character for my SciFi novel. Her first scene sees her doing a tough cross-country trial that includes rock climbing. She is a skilled athlete with a particular ability to climb - although she has genetically enhanced strength, speed and has deliberately halted puberty so she can maintain the perfect body for her chosen sports. So, even though she is in her early twenties she has the body of a child with the strength of an adult.Then this turns up on FB. It's a video of [...]

Gifted Kids: Carly Rose Sonenclar

Haven't done one of these for a while. I've been waiting for the results of X-Factor to see if Carly had won - she didn't, she was runner-up. This year's show was notable for the young talent: Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White and Beatrice Miller, all aged 13. All of them are clearly gifted, but it was Carly Rose who maintained consistency to become the favourite. Of course, people commented that was mature for age. Well yes, for her chronological age, but not her true age, her developmental age. She showed considerable vocal intelligence and her interpretation, often with a [...]

Inquiry Into The Education Of Gifted And Talented Students

I was pleased to see the Victorian government publish the Inquiry into the education of gifted and talented student . It is long overdue. The people who have followed this blog since its inception will know that I am interested in the education of gifted and talented children and occasionally I will do a post on these children. Behind everything I do on this blog is a complaint that conservatives deliberately hold back children as a form of control. The childhood culture wars are ultimately about creating children in the conservative image. Gifted and talented children are a problem because [...]

Dame Ellen Terry: Victorian Muse

This one ticks all the boxes: gifted child, extraordinary childhood and transgressive adulthood. Dame Ellen Terry is arguably Britain's greatest Shakespearean actress. She redefined Shakespeare's women in a number of famous performances. As such she was the Muse of many famous artists and writers, most notably Oscar Wilde and Sir George Bernhard Shaw. She was born into a family of actors and appeared in her first play at age 8 as Mamillius in A Winter's Tale at London's Princess Theatre, followed by a role as Puck that same year. What is surprising is that she had no formal education, which [...]

Child Prodigies: Angelica Kauffman

I stumbled across Angelica Kauffman whilst researching Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun. Kauffman just happened to have also done a portrait of Prince Henry Lubomirski (as Eros).  She was born in 1741 in Switzerland and showed an early brilliance. She learned several languages (Italian, German, French and English), read constantly, was a talented musician and a gifted artist. Her first commission was for the Bishop of Como, Monsignor Nevroni, at the age of 11. At this time some of her supporters argued that she was the better musician and encouraged her to take up a career in music (which she [...]

The Kids Are Doing Okay: Astrorice On Slut Shaming

I'm optimistic. As such I reject the negative view of modern kids. I happen to think they are doing alright. I think they have more opportunities than they have in the past, especially girls. Astrorice in the 'username' of  Sarah, a very smart 12-13 year-old Canadian video blogger. She's a perfect example of the types of kids I know: the ones who seem to escape the paranoid narrative of the moral conservatives and sex-negative feminists. In the first video she talks about slut shaming, in the second about the media and body image and in the third she talks about [...]

Wild Child: The World According To Tippi

This is absolutely delightful. Tippi Degré is a French girl born in Namibia. Her parents let her live a fairly wild existence playing with animals and befriending the tribespeople. It seems a wonderful childhood.  There's not much to say. I've embedded the documentary made about her childhood, Le Monde selon Tippi (The World according to Tippi) and a few photos. They say it all. Enjoy. Oh, and btw, Tippi was home schooled and seems intellectually gifted. She has since passed her Baccalauréat and is studying cinema at the Sorbonne. there is an interesting contrast to be drawn between Tippi [...]

Gifted Kids: Sara, Aka Super Kid Drummer

My novel Wild Child is about a young hippie girl with an extraordinary musical talent so from time to time I like to feature talented kids. I'm particularly interested in girls who show a talent with traditional 'male' instruments, a barrier that no longer exists. The videos below are of a young Japanese drummer only known as Sara (aka super kid drummer). The first video is noteworthy for two reasons: Sara plays along to a King Crimson song and my character Bliss lists King Crimson and Robert Fripp as influences; King Crimson use polyrythmn and complex time changes, which indicate [...]

Gifted Kids: Sarah Pippin

I came across these videos of Sarah Pippin whilst researching other dancers. She deserves her own entry because she is a clearly gifted dancer. She's won several competitions, naturally - anyway, the videos clearly indicate her many skills. I've included one where she performs a hip hop routine to further reinforce my earlier point about the influence of new dance styles. Oh yeah, she's 13 but dances like an adult. In the third video look how she propels her smaller frame to take up the same space as the older teens around her.