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Girl guitar geniuses breaking the stereotype.

Female Shredder: Shotaro Nakamura

Or is she? This one is a bit odd because some have questioned if Shotaro (nikumanguitar)  is really a male who enjoys female cosplay. The controversy was sparked by the fact that Shotaro first posted her clips without showing her face, then she wore a surgical mask to hide her features. Weird. Anyway, her more recent clips show her (or his) face. I'm also fascinated because she chooses a fashion style called Loli-Goth (see here). So here it is, kawaii shredding (transexual or otherwise). I can't say I'm a fan of her style though. It's very cold and technical. [...]

Talented Kids: Kelly Rosenthal And Say Chance

Because my novel Wild Child is about a young female guitar prodigy I've been posting examples of the real thing. I came across Kelly Rosenthal on Youtube today. There's not much I can say (see interview). She's from California and she's 19. She started posting videos as kelleyismusical. She then discovered two singers from Maryland, Maddie Freeman, 17 and Taylor Broom, 16 and formed Say Chance. These girls break the stereotype in a number of ways. First is that whilst Kelly looks very fresh faced and sweet, she plays a mean guitar. She hasn't affected an attitude, so [...]

Wild Child: The Music

My novel Wild Child has two main characters that are brilliant musicians; Bliss who is a guitarist and Boi, a violinist. I always knew what they sounded like in my head, which can't be conveyed in words. But now I've heard a song that could easily have been something Bliss wrote. It's Nothing, a cover of song by Townes Van Zandt on Raising Sand , the Grammy winning collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - appropriate because Bliss would have grown up playing Led Zeppelin music. I love the dynamics of this song; the roaring guitar chords, the violin [...]

Wild Child: Girl Guitar Prodigies

When I was writing Wild Child I wondered if it was truly possible that Bliss could be that talented at such a young age. Well there's plenty of evidence. Thanks to Youtube girls are posting their guitar playing and there's plenty of impressive girl shredders out there. Here's Zoe aged 7 playing the riff from Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses. An anonymous 13 year-old playing her own composition, Game Changer. This girl is phenomenal and at exactly the skill level I imagined Bliss to have achieved at the same age.

Karin Schaupp

Mystic Bliss, the protagonist in my novel Wild Child, is a guitar prodigy. She prefers rock, blues and jazz to classical, but she has the skill to tackle any genre. Karin Schaupp is an Australian classical guitarist. Born in Germany to musical parents, her classical guitarist mother Isolde gave her a small guitar when she was just 3. By the age of 11 she was performing in concerts. (Bliss is also blonde - Nordic - but with a pierced nose and tattoos: a punk version?).  Isolde, she says, was never pushy, but "people never believed her. She tells the story [...]

Rock Chicks: Kaki King

Kaki King was named Rolling Stone's first female guitar god. She uses a percussive style to slap out some serious riffs. If she was more blues oriented and a Creole from the bayou she just might be Minette from my novel Wild Child.

Rock Chicks: Tal Wilkenfeld

Another crazy prodigy Tal Wilkenfeld. Picked up a guitar at age 14. Below are two videos showcasing her playing with two legends - Jeff Beck and Herbie Hancock.

Rock Chicks: Orianthi

I'm interested in precocious children, children who do not fit the norm. In my novel Wild Child the protagonist, Mystic Bliss, is a wild, hippie girl from the hills of northern NSW. When I write my characters I wonder if I'm being far-fetched. Then I find out I'm right on the mark. Bliss is a guitar virtuoso. Here is a real female guitar virtuoso: Orianthi. She is from Adelaide and first picked up a guitar when she was six and turned electric when she was eleven.