Intersexed: CAH And The Prader Scale.

I've talked about Intersexed on this blog several times, primarily because one of the major characters in my novel Wild Child is Intersexed. In her case she has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). The degree of virilization (or masculinization) can be measured using the Prader scale (which I have already discussed). This information tends to be hidden because of the Judeo-Christian aversion to sex and sexual organs. I do not support this attitude and believe in informing people of the complex reality of human sexuality. So, in the spirit of openness here is a very clear photo of a young Indian [...]

Orchids; My Intersex Adventure

Bravo to the ABC for showing this documentary: Orchids: my intersex adventure. Phoebe Hart and her sister, Bonnie were born with AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome). They are genetically male (XY) but failed to develop male sexual characteristics. If there is one drawback to the program it's that Phoebe decided to gloss over the physiological detail. Whilst I can understand why I think it's important that the public know exactly what intersex means. From their description they had Complete AIS (CAIS). This means that they looked externally genitally female. However, boys (girls) with CAIS have underdeveloped labia minora and clitoris and [...]

Intersex And Transgendered In Japan

Despite recent advances in the West, people with ambiguous gender identity still find themselves on the margins of society. Not so in Japan. There they can become popular and successful. The Japanese have a curious name for the transgendered - nyuhafu or newhalf (I don't know the etymology of the word). Most of the nyuhafu seem to be transgendered but no doubt some are intersex. Here are two of the more well known.

Lee Si-Yeon

Lee Si-Yeon was born intersex but chose to have surgery to give her full female genitalia - a perfectly valid choice, but not one that all intersex would choose.

Forbidden Genitalia

We've been lied to - things have been kept hidden. All to serve the prejudices of the Judeo-Christians. These things weren't hidden in other cultures, in fact they were celebrated - for example the Native American berdache or two-spiritpeople. I was taught that gender was determined by chromosomes: xy you were male, xx you were female. What they didn't tell me, what was never spoken about openly, was that up until around 3 months inutero, male and female genitals look the same. Both male and female genitals are made from the same cells. The presence of  the SRY gene [...]

Hida Viloria And Jazz

Two great videos on Intersexuality and Transgender. The woman at the centre of the story, Hida Viloria, could be Boi (if she were Korean). Her biography says she is intellectually gifted, which fits another of my concerns perfectly!   And Jazz is simply inspiring.


One of the characters in my novel Wild Child is the brilliant Korean violinist Boi. Boi is Intersex and androgynous. I made her Korean because, despite its deeply conservative culture, it seems to have a fascination with androgyny and gender ambiguity. One of its more famous singers/models is Harisu. She was born male and underwent gender assignment surgery.


In my novel Wild Child the protagonist Bliss, meets and falls in love with a beautiful, androgynous Korean violin prodigy called Boi. No surprises that I was thinking of Vanessa Mae, also a child prodigy (watch here), although Boi is far more punk than Vanessa (her hero is Nigel Kennedy, also a child prodigy). If you combine Jenny Shimizu and Mey Bun with Vanessa, you are getting close.