The Theology Of The Child And Adulthood

I think it's important to note that the theology of the child also makes a statement about the nature of adulthood. Rooted in the Puritan work ethic, the myth of childhood innocence necessarily includes a corresponding myth of adult 'responsibility'. If childhood is a time of play, then adulthood is serious and businesslike. In this world adults must work hard and deny themselves both play and pleasure. In fact we could propose a relationship: the more adults feel pressured by all the demands placed on them, the more they insist on childhood innocence. Interestingly, the most overworked and stressed people [...]

Junior Idol, Sexualisation, Kawaii And The Clash Of Cultures

My third novel is concerned with the clash of cultures, east vs west. With the decline of America and Europe, Australia is increasingly turning to Asia. As a result there has been a corresponding increase in Asian immigration and therefore an increase in the popularity of Asian culture. As I write this my TV is tuned to SBS's Pop Asia which showcases, as the name suggests, pop music from Japan, Korea and China (especially Taiwan). A good example is Korean girl group Miss A, Bad Girl, Good Girl. The growing influence of Asian pop culture poses an interesting problem [...]


Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite. It is commonly used to refer to a genre of anime and manga that explores (and plays with) gender confusion. Some is explicit, some is playful.