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Collective Shout, Julie Gale And My Fair Lady

There's been a little storm in the blogosphere over an article written by Catherine Manning on Mamamia. My concern is not the details of the controversy, but a very revealing response from Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B Kids and some members of Collective Shout, to which both Julie and Melinda Tankard Reist are closely connected. It is damning evidence that Julie Gale and Collective Shout actually do not know what sexualisation is; that they interpret 'pornification' and sexualisation to be the same things. In a response to Catherine, Julie Gale argues that there is substantive support for her position. [...]

Dr Caroline Norma: Hypocrisy And Polemic.

I've read some strange arguments in my time but this one was so obviously hypocritical that it was laughable. In an opinion piece titled The disparaging and belittling of mothers: on mother shaming in the sexualisation debate Dr Caroline Norma makes this protest: How dare the elite media and privileged individuals who think themselves superior to the average mother, deride mothers and imply they’re not eligible for a view on how society should be improved? It smacks of classism. Why are mothers not eligible to speak on behalf of other women? Why can’t they lead the women’s movement (however that’s [...]

Melinda Tankard Reist On Orgasm.

I haven't paid much attention to Melinda Tankard Reist of late. Why bother? However, in a moment of boredom I decided to see what she was up to and came across this disturbing entry on her blog. In recent times Melinda has been trying to reframe herself as a feminist and to distance herself from her previous close links to the religious right. It could only be a matter of time before the charade slipped and her conservative moral values were revealed. I am sure she thinks she is a feminist. The problem is that she is also a Christian [...]

Academic Lesley-Anne Ey’s Bogus Study

If one were to step back and look at the current moral panic over sexualisation from some intellectual distance in the future, one would see a series of myths building on each other. The truly shocking thing will be to understand that these myths were constructed mostly by academics, people who should have known better and who were professionally bound to approach their research with rigorous objectivity. The problem is that such academics have allowed subjectivity to cloud their judgment. In the worse cases they have already made up their minds and designed research to justify their prejudice. A perfect [...]

The Problem With ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

It's a publishing phenomenon. It's erotic fiction. Or is it porn? It's the tired old distinction. The double standard. If women like it, it's erotica. If men like it, it's porn. Whilst critics like Gail Dines and Melinda Tankard Reist are the most recent to make a lot of noise about the popularity of porn, or rather, male-oriented porn, they remained silent about a similar boom in female-oriented porn. Oops, I mean erotic fiction. Doesn't female-oriented erotic fiction deal in the same atrocious sexist stereotypes as male-oriented porn? I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey and honestly, I am unlikely [...]

Melinda Tankard Reist And The Strange Case Of Germaine Greer

I wasn't sure I'd draw attention to this rather odd episode, but here goes... In the past few weeks Melinda Tankard Reist posted a piece by Matthew Holloway which quotes Germaine Greer, on her blog. I'm surprised because Germaine Greer is hardly an ally of her cause. I think this is worth a brief comment because it points to something in Melinda's character, especially given her recent attempts to control her image. She is desperate to be taken seriously as a feminist. The Greer thing began when she and Melinda appeared on the ABC's Q&A together. A post by Melinda [...]

Junior Idol, Sexualisation, Kawaii And The Clash Of Cultures

My third novel is concerned with the clash of cultures, east vs west. With the decline of America and Europe, Australia is increasingly turning to Asia. As a result there has been a corresponding increase in Asian immigration and therefore an increase in the popularity of Asian culture. As I write this my TV is tuned to SBS's Pop Asia which showcases, as the name suggests, pop music from Japan, Korea and China (especially Taiwan). A good example is Korean girl group Miss A, Bad Girl, Good Girl. The growing influence of Asian pop culture poses an interesting problem [...]

Dr Emma Rush: Sexual Idealism And Moral Control

Two seemingly innocent words have been nagging me this week. I didn't think they were worth writing about, but now that their author has written a piece attacking Michelle Griffin a few more pieces have fallen into place. The author of course, is Dr Emma Rush (who I mentioned in Corporate Paedophilia). The two seemingly innocent words were 'unique intimacy'. They come from her rather dismal apologia over at the ABC's Religion and Ethics: Media must do better on porn debate. Faced with this last, porn apologists point to the DIY porn genre, created and shared among consenting adults, without [...]

The Matrons Of Spinifex Press

Yes, I know it's a cheeky title, but I don't mean it in a pejorative sense. A patron is defined as someone who gives financial or other support to a person or cause. It comes from the same Latin root as patriarch (pater). In this sense Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne act as the matrons of Melinda Tankard Reist. In this role they have spoken in defence of their prodigy at Religion and Ethics The authentic feminism of Melinda Tankard Reist. Interesting of course, that this defence appears on a site devoted to religion... The word patronising is also derived [...]

Does Melinda Tankard Reist Oppose Gay Marriage?

The recent furor over Melinda's threat to sue Jennifer Wilson has only served to turn the spotlight on just what it is Melinda believes. Unfortunately the debate has tended to focus on whether or not Melinda is a Christian. This is actually irrelevant, primarily because it doesn't tell us much. It is also a distraction because we actually know what Melinda believes because she has told us. With a bit of careful research we are able to piece the puzzle together. Melinda is a moral conservative with close links to various conservative Christian organisations. She is anti-abortion. She doesn't deny [...]