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Now It’s Getting Bizarre.

This is a new level of stupid. Apparently fabric patterns can sexualise girls, particularly animal prints. A controversy has broken out over a swimwear range designed by celebrity Liz Hurley because she uses a leopard pattern. I'm mystified. When I was around 10/11 I owned a pair of leopard print Speedos. There's a family photo of me standing on a diving board. So when exactly, did leopard print gain a sinister sexual meaning? Of course, there were the usual complaints about the photos sexualising the girls, but they are no different from the thousands of photos from children's swimwear catalogues [...]

Collective Shout, Julie Gale And My Fair Lady

There's been a little storm in the blogosphere over an article written by Catherine Manning on Mamamia. My concern is not the details of the controversy, but a very revealing response from Julie Gale of Kids Free 2B Kids and some members of Collective Shout, to which both Julie and Melinda Tankard Reist are closely connected. It is damning evidence that Julie Gale and Collective Shout actually do not know what sexualisation is; that they interpret 'pornification' and sexualisation to be the same things. In a response to Catherine, Julie Gale argues that there is substantive support for her position. [...]

Update On Laura Dekker

This is great news. I had mentioned Laura Dekker in relation to the furor over solo sailor Jessica Watson, namely that certain moral conservatives (ie, Michael Carr-Gregg) had argued that Jessica was too young and should be prevented from making her attempt. Jessica proved them to be the idiots they are by succeeding brilliantly and becoming a national hero and Young Australian of the Year.Laura has had her own battles and like Jessica has proved her critics wrong. She has announced that she is about to successfully complete her solo voyage, becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the world. Congratulations [...]

Michael Carr-Gregg On School Chaplains

Okay, so I've got a thing about Michael Carr-Gregg. It's just that I think that such a prominent child psychologist should actually know what he's talking about. But he doesn't. Either he's struggling to understand the research he comments on or he cannot help but interpret the research in the most conservative way possible. On his blog he makes this rather extraordinary claim: There is no doubt that spirituality is an important protective factor in the lives of young people and that some research exists to suggest it is an important component of resilient young people. I therefore have always [...]

Michael Carr-Gregg Says Something Stupid Again

I really don't seek this stuff out, it just comes my way. This was reported in The Daily Telegraph a couple of weeks ago. This newspaper is part of News Limited and is well known for its climate skepticism. That Carr-Gregg finds it necessary to make a comment speaks volumes for his stupidity. Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg called on educators to be "more circumspect and present both sides (of the climate-change debate). When you repeat things over and over to young people who don't have the cognitive maturity and emotional maturity to process this stuff, you end up creating unnecessary anxiety," [...]

Michael Carr-Gregg Puts His Foot In It Again

This man is a menace. I've mentioned him several times. This time he's offered his opinion on the St Kilda schoolgirl scandal. This is a tawdry tale of teenage sex and football and the media circus that followed. Many have argued that the media should restrict itself to the basics, but it's a juicy scandal and they can't help themselves. The latest episode in this soap opera occurred when the girl retracted her allegations and was then caught saying off-camera that the retraction was a lie. So, in an article examining the ethics of the media (Age Green Guide, June [...]

Michael Carr-Gregg And Censorship

Child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is at it again, this time calling for schools to ban books. Once he again he dumbs kids down. But what is worse is that this is personal opinion, one not supported by qualified pedagogues, let alone other child psychologists. Childhood pyschologist Michael Carr-Gregg said Smithereens should be immediately removed from schools. Carr-Gregg is simply using his professional credentials to push a personal, conservative agenda. This is unethical.

Jessica Watson Announced Young Australian Of The Year

Congratulations to Jessica, well deserved. I wrote about Jessica a few months ago. She's an inspiration. But I must say that I get some perverse satisfaction because I wonder what Michael Carr-Gregg is thinking at this moment, given that he thought Jessica was too young to undertake such a journey. Well Michael, the Australian government regards Jessica to be an inspiration to other young Australians (view video). Got that one wrong pal.

Raunch And Pop Music

Gotta love moral panic, especially when its whipped up by the tabloid press. Another article in the Herald Sun about the sexualisation of girls (August 13, 2010). The hypocrisy of course, is that the Murdoch empire includes interests in the music business. There was a lot of nonsense in this pap piece. The inspiration for this bit of nonsense comes from Mike Stock of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, purveyors of bland, manufactured pop. He says, "These days you can't watch modern stars like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga with a two-year-old." You can't? I'm shocked. I thought Lady Gaga was [...]