The Naked Child In Art: The Jungle Book (3)

These speak for themselves, a representative selection of  Jungle Book cover art.  

The Naked Child In Art: The Jungle Book (2)

These images are by the twins, Edward and Maurice Detmold. I don't know a great deal about them but apparently they were child prodigies who first exhibited at age 13. Tragically Maurice committed suicide at age 24.

The Naked Child In Art: Pierre Joubert And The Jungle Book

I missed this one but thanks to a comment from Lee M to Water Babies I've now been informed... It's timely because it involves a noted French illustrator. I was not introduced to Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book when I was a child. Pity. I would have loved it. It is a children's classic and Rudyard Kipling won a Nobel Prize in Literature for his efforts. But here's the interesting thing. Kipling wrote the main character Mowgli as a naked, wild child and many of the early illustrations dutifully depicted Mowgli as Kipling intended - naked. However, over time, illustrators [...]