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Gifted Kids: Severn And Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Of course, it helps to have good genes, but I rather suspect that nurture has more to do with how these remarkable sisters have turned out. Severn and Sarika are the daughters of Dr David Suzuki and Dr Tara Cullis. Severn Cullis-Suzuki Sarika Cullis-Suzuki Severn became famous when she addressed the UN at age 12. Her address is a remarkable feat for a girl of her age, unless of course the girl is gifted and encouraged (rather than dumbed down).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZsDliXzyAYIn the video below Severn talks a little about her influences as a child. From what I can gather she [...]

X-Rated Ethics

The Utne Reader recently published an article entitled X-Rated ethics: socially sustainable sex could save the economy, the environment and our society. While Gail Dines and Melinda Tankard Reist sound the alarm bells, this article paints a completely different picture. Interesting. Brooks-Gordon’s research has convinced her that there is huge latent demand for an ethical sex industry. Not only do most clients want to feel wanted, she says; many would be relieved to know that the sex workers starring in their favorite porn film, dancing onstage at their club, or available through their escort agency are there by consent, are [...]

Blog To Blog: Eugene Pustoshkin

Facebook isn't all bad. In fact I've made some interesting connections. One is Eugene Pustoshkin who blogs at Dreams of Translucence. Eugene has kindly mentioned me on his blog, so now I return the favour.

AD 381: Heretics, Pagans And The Christian State By Charles Freeman

One of the themes in my novel Navaratri is the contest between the Classical world and Judeo-Christianity. I've really only just begun to talk about what is a complex issue. One thing is for sure: the claim that Western civilization is based on the Judeo-Christian religion is simply self-serving bullshit. In his book AD 381 Charles Freeman is scathing: Too often specific values are proclaimed to be 'Christian' without any explanation of when or how the Church fostered or supported them. It is often asserted, for instance, that the churches promoted individualism and progress despite the evidence that Augustine's pessimism [...]

The Brain’s Reward System

I want to weave together the findings of three different reports in the news this week. The first comes from professor Semir Zeki from University College London who used fMRI to scan brains as they looked at various artworks.

Pop Eroticism And Raunch – For Bonnitta

A FB friend sent me this link and asked for a comment. After a good night's sleep and bit of pondering this is what methinks... Pop culture cannot be taken seriously. It doesn't take itself seriously. This is the difference between high culture and low culture. Pop culture is ephemeral. Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame. It's narcissistic, superficial, commercial and revels in its superficial commerciality. Remember Warhol's Marilyn prints? So its no surprise that pop turns to porn and porn turns to pop. Porn is pop eroticism. Jeff Koons understood this and used it in his collaboration with his [...]

Mediocrity In Education

I found the following account very moving. It comes from My Favourite Teacher edited by Robert Macklin. In it author Kerry Greenwood describes both an appalling teacher and a teacher that inspired her. The appalling teacher was simply mediocre, an automaton who could not recognise Kerry's talent. I was bored and forbidden to talk and only allowed to read a revolting little book called Holidays. I tried to tell my teacher that I could read Holidays, but there were 44 children in my class. I now understand her lack of patience. But I still haven't forgiven her that long year [...]

Black Swan

It seems appropriate to talk about Black Swan in light of my discussion of Jung. If any recent movie delves into Jungian archetype it is this. Btw warning: spoiler alert First let me say that I will be surprised if Natalie Portman doesn't get an Oscar. It is a bravura performance: it needed to be to convey the pressure placed on the character. There is a moment toward the end when she finally transforms into the Black Swan that is truly extraordinary. It's all written on her face. It is brilliant acting. I was initially concerned that the film would [...]

The Transgressive Kore

Okay, time to stop pulling my punches... I understand society and culture in terms of hermeneutics. Things are not always what they first seem. A thing may be both its self and a symbol pointing to something else. The 'culture' war is not a debate about things as they are, but things as symbols. The culture war is a debate about meaning. The debate over children is not actually a debate about children as they are (or as they seek to define themselves) but about children as symbols. Jung described the Kore archetype thus: As a matter of practical observation, [...]

Jessie Mann On Jung

I've already mentioned Jessie Mann, daughter of photographer Sally Mann. She was one of those pesky precocious kids who transgressed the conservative stereotype and did things like run around naked and grow up to be an intelligent non-conformist. Jessie is now an artist in her own right. She is also highly articulate and clearly is quite 'gifted'. I was very impressed when I read what she had to say about Jung. This taps right into my discussion of Jung's Anima/Kore archetype. Here's Jessie's own words. From Subjectify I began to think about my subjecthood, not just in terms of the [...]