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My novel Wild Child is about a ‘Rock Chick’. So I thought I’d honour all those rock chicks out there.

Five Myths Of The Sexualization Debate

1. Sexualized images of children encourage men to see children as sexually available. This is the big fear. The first issue here is the definition of a sexualized image. As I have argued, this is often highly subjective. A conservative Christian is likely to see certain images as problematic that others may not. However, even with images that most people would accept are deliberately sexual, such as child pornography, there is no clear evidence that viewing such images causes otherwise normal men to offend against children.  In 2009 Frank Urbaniok from the Canton of Zurich Department of Justice reported in [...]

Groupies And Predatory Adolescents

In the past I've written extensively about 'rock chicks' because they transgress several boundaries. Just recently a friend sent me a link to a Huffington Post blog written by a former groupie from Australia, Nikki McWatters, provocatively titled Predatory Teenage Girls. Unsurprisingly she came in for the usual, cliched criticism that she was endorsing paedophilia and teenage rape. Bizarre. What she was doing was talking about an inconvenient truth, namely that adolescent girls develop crushes on older men and sometimes actively pursue a relationship. In certain circles this is taboo. The politically correct line is that until they reach an [...]

Rising Appalachia

Wow. Just found out about these sisters, Leah and Chloe - they call themselves Rising Appalachia. Great harmonies. And very much of the style and generation that Bliss, the protagonist in my novel Wild Child, belongs to.

Kembra Pfhaler And The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black

So, whilst we're talking about vag... Kembra Pfhaler is a NY performance artist, model and lead singer of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. This group is notorious for being clean shaven and getting their vag out in public.

Gifted Kids: Amy Lee

I've been a bit tardy posting about Amy Lee, given she's a perfect example of the type of talent that Bliss from my novel Wild Child has. Amy is the lead singer of Goth Metal band Evanescence, well actually, Amy IS Evanescence. Amy started learning piano at a young age and by 11 she had already written her first song and formed an ambition to be a classical composer. When she was 13 she met Ben Moody at a youth camp and they decided to form a band (eventually Evanescence). They released their first EP when she was 17. Their [...]

Wild Child: Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus had a different kind of childhood. A bit hippie, a bit backwoods survivalist. My dad was a hunter so there would constantly be animal parts all over the place. He’d be out in the forest and bring back deer heads hoping that animals would eat the flesh and leave a skull. But it wouldn’t happen. There would just be a deer head hanging from a tree branch you could literally bump into," she remembered. Our milk was from the neighbor’s cow. I am not a country bumpkin but this is how we live. We ate deer and pheasant [...]

Stonefield: Yes Master

You all know that I love these young women. They now have some solid professional support so expect to see much, much more of them. First clip is their new single, second is an interview promo shot at their home just outside Melbourne.

Lanie Lane & Emma Louise

These two young singers are starting to get noticed. Once again they contradict the stereotype of the moral conservatives. You know: oversexualized sluts corrupting the morals of our 'innocent' children. So how come these two young women ignore the stereotype? They are young enough to have gone through the Brittney Spears phenomenon. So how come so many young female musicians are turning away from commercial pop? Perhaps because they are way smarter than the moral conservatives think? The kids are doing alright... First Lanie Lane. Sydney born, she prefers a retro 40's look and the blues. The first clip is [...]

Talented Kids: Kelly Rosenthal And Say Chance

Because my novel Wild Child is about a young female guitar prodigy I've been posting examples of the real thing. I came across Kelly Rosenthal on Youtube today. There's not much I can say (see interview). She's from California and she's 19. She started posting videos as kelleyismusical. She then discovered two singers from Maryland, Maddie Freeman, 17 and Taylor Broom, 16 and formed Say Chance. These girls break the stereotype in a number of ways. First is that whilst Kelly looks very fresh faced and sweet, she plays a mean guitar. She hasn't affected an attitude, so [...]

Stonefield: Latest Clip

This is official video of Black Moon Rising - slick. These girls are going places.