Stonefield: Yes Master

You all know that I love these young women. They now have some solid professional support so expect to see much, much more of them. First clip is their new single, second is an interview promo shot at their home just outside Melbourne.

Stonefield: Latest Clip

This is official video of Black Moon Rising - slick. These girls are going places.

Stonefield’s Glastonbury Gig

Someone's posted Stonefield's gig at Glastonbury on Youtube. Here's a couple. It's obvious the girls were a bit intimidated and were hiding behind their instruments (the angle of the video unfortunately cuts out much of Amy and Sarah) . They need to learn some stage craft and to engage the audience, although the youngest, bass player Holly gives it a bit of a go in Whole Lotta Love; and Hannah has improved her guitar solos.  

Stonefield At Glastonbury

As mentioned in an earlier update (and here), Stonefield played at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Early reports suggest they did very well. I'm not surprised. There's no footage yet, but the girls have uploaded an interview to Youtube. This is perfect because I imagined  Bliss and her band (from my novel Wild Child) playing Glastonbury.

Stonefield – Again

These young women are great and they keep getting better... This is their new release, Black Water Rising. This has so many resonances with my novel Wild Child its not funny - even the retro hippie look with the head bands and long flowing hair.


I've mentioned these girls a couple of times. The four talented Findlay sisters from country Victoria: Amy, Hannah, Sarah and the youngest at 13, Holly. Here's the clip of their first release.

Lissie On ‘Later’

Loved this performance by Lissie on BBC's Later with Jools Holland. Beautiful voice. Just bought her album and I'm listening to it now: also bought Pieta Brown, and Melody Gardot. Tried to get Stonefield's new EP but stock wasn't delivered to the store.

The Sexualization Of Girls: The APA Report 4 – Music Videos

One of the chief complaints of the moral conservatives has always been the corrosive effect of modern music. A bit of historical research will show that the White Puritan tendency in Western culture has always treated popular entertainment with suspicion. The APA report fails completely to examine this deeper trend. When you read the full report closely you find that many of the supportive citations are very general. In music videos, women more frequently than men are presented in provocative and revealing clothing (e.g., Andsager & Roe, 1999; Seidman, 1992), are objectified (Sommers-Flanagan, Sommers-Flanagan, & Davis, 1993), and typically serve [...]