Gifted Kids: Brooke Raboutou

This one is a coincidence. In the last few days I've been fleshing out a character for my SciFi novel. Her first scene sees her doing a tough cross-country trial that includes rock climbing. She is a skilled athlete with a particular ability to climb - although she has genetically enhanced strength, speed and has deliberately halted puberty so she can maintain the perfect body for her chosen sports. So, even though she is in her early twenties she has the body of a child with the strength of an adult.Then this turns up on FB. It's a video of [...]

Slowing Down

I'm slowing down work on my blog. I've started writing again. I've been inspired to revisit a Science Fiction idea that has been rattling around my head for years and I'm distracted by theories around quantum computing, dark energy, the discovery of new planets and exo-biology.