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The Wild Child is the child who does not conform. I celebrate them.

Groupies And Predatory Adolescents

In the past I've written extensively about 'rock chicks' because they transgress several boundaries. Just recently a friend sent me a link to a Huffington Post blog written by a former groupie from Australia, Nikki McWatters, provocatively titled Predatory Teenage Girls. Unsurprisingly she came in for the usual, cliched criticism that she was endorsing paedophilia and teenage rape. Bizarre. What she was doing was talking about an inconvenient truth, namely that adolescent girls develop crushes on older men and sometimes actively pursue a relationship. In certain circles this is taboo. The politically correct line is that until they reach an [...]


I'm going to back off from writing longer pieces on this blog. It's time for me to concentrate on novel writing and getting published. This blog was only ever intended as a supplement to my writing, not a replacement. The various topics discussed on this blog all extend from my two completed novels: Navaratri and Wild Child. Each article was designed to explore the themes in them to a greater depth, but until the novels are published, they may make little sense. It also means that I may stereotype myself. I am interested in much more than this blog might [...]

The Kids Are Doing Okay: Astrorice On Slut Shaming

I'm optimistic. As such I reject the negative view of modern kids. I happen to think they are doing alright. I think they have more opportunities than they have in the past, especially girls. Astrorice in the 'username' of  Sarah, a very smart 12-13 year-old Canadian video blogger. She's a perfect example of the types of kids I know: the ones who seem to escape the paranoid narrative of the moral conservatives and sex-negative feminists. In the first video she talks about slut shaming, in the second about the media and body image and in the third she talks about [...]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go At Burning Man

In the late 70's I participated in Confests in Australia (see Confest 79). The tradition of such alternate festivals has continued. Burning Man in the US is perhaps the leading example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahv_1IS7SiE

The Naked Child In Art: Pyrenee

I stumbled across this whilst researching the Jungle Book and the Wild Child in French culture. Pyrénée is a French graphic novel. Whilst it is available in several European languages it has not be translated to English. The most likely reason is that it features a naked post-pubertal wild girl. Anyway, thought it was of interest.

Wild Child: The World According To Tippi

This is absolutely delightful. Tippi Degré is a French girl born in Namibia. Her parents let her live a fairly wild existence playing with animals and befriending the tribespeople. It seems a wonderful childhood.  There's not much to say. I've embedded the documentary made about her childhood, Le Monde selon Tippi (The World according to Tippi) and a few photos. They say it all. Enjoy. Oh, and btw, Tippi was home schooled and seems intellectually gifted. She has since passed her Baccalauréat and is studying cinema at the Sorbonne. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYwZJ-C6jS4Note: there is an interesting contrast to be drawn between Tippi [...]

The Naked Child In Art: The Jungle Book (2)

These images are by the twins, Edward and Maurice Detmold. I don't know a great deal about them but apparently they were child prodigies who first exhibited at age 13. Tragically Maurice committed suicide at age 24.

The Naked Child In Art: Pierre Joubert And The Jungle Book

I missed this one but thanks to a comment from Lee M to Water Babies I've now been informed... It's timely because it involves a noted French illustrator. I was not introduced to Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book when I was a child. Pity. I would have loved it. It is a children's classic and Rudyard Kipling won a Nobel Prize in Literature for his efforts. But here's the interesting thing. Kipling wrote the main character Mowgli as a naked, wild child and many of the early illustrations dutifully depicted Mowgli as Kipling intended - naked. However, over time, illustrators [...]

Gifted Kids: Sara, Aka Super Kid Drummer

My novel Wild Child is about a young hippie girl with an extraordinary musical talent so from time to time I like to feature talented kids. I'm particularly interested in girls who show a talent with traditional 'male' instruments, a barrier that no longer exists. The videos below are of a young Japanese drummer only known as Sara (aka super kid drummer). The first video is noteworthy for two reasons: Sara plays along to a King Crimson song and my character Bliss lists King Crimson and Robert Fripp as influences; King Crimson use polyrythmn and complex time changes, which indicate [...]

Kembra Pfhaler And The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black

So, whilst we're talking about vag... Kembra Pfhaler is a NY performance artist, model and lead singer of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. This group is notorious for being clean shaven and getting their vag out in public.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX3HK_4e5vE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhpqYjfxhe4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJooDnf7Q70