I was restless as soon as I got to school. Boi said I looked tired and demented. I wanted to shout to my classmates that I had had a fucking amazing weekend playing music, meeting brilliant musicians and that I had had such hard, explosive sex with a voodoo witch that my cunt was bruised, but the place was so boring my words would have died in mid-air: they would have been killed by the excruciating dullness of the place. I fidgeted in class. I couldn’t sit still. I couldn’t stop thinking of Minette and everything she had told me and I was still horny as hell. During the morning break I went to the toilet, pissed and masturbated, drifting off to a fantasy about Minette and Doc Bones. I was late for the next class. I fidgeted again and the teacher had to call out my name twice. I just couldn’t focus. I spoke to Raphael at lunchtime and tried to tell him everything but he said I was talking too fast and not making any sense.

Boi tried to calm me. ‘You’re really hyper baby, you need to slow down.’

I wanted to strangle her or drag her to some quiet corner and fuck her. I wanted to pour my energy into her and get her to see how brilliant the world was.

I got kicked out of the next class because I was talking too much. The teacher told me to run around the block to disperse my energy. Instead I wandered to a quiet spot under a big gum tree. The sun was filtering through the leaves and I soaked up its rays. I wished desperately to be back in the valley where I could be as free and uninhibited as I liked. The city was oppressive: it pressured you to conform; to drift along like sheep in a heard. My thoughts returned to Minette and everything she had said. Somehow it all made sense – I had been chosen by Erzulie Freda. I was filled with lust. I looked around. I was alone. I put my hand under my dress and masturbated furiously. The sun danced across my face as a gentle breeze caressed the branches. The whole world seemed to shimmer. I had an orgasm but I wasn’t spent. I kept going. I came again as the afternoon recess bell sounded. I was busting, so I pissed where I was standing, leaving a wet trail on the trunk. I giggled as I walked away. I didn’t care. The other students started to drift out of the buildings. I smiled because they had no idea. Their lives were turned down to below five and mine was amped up to full volume. The only thing I wanted then was to be on stage ripping out a blistering solo. I saw the weird looks I was getting. I thought I might have wet my skirt but it was dry. I shrugged it off. I guessed I looked a bit wild and scary. I didn’t care. I started humming Black Angel Blues and its melody became more insistent. I skipped the next class and made my way to a dark corner under a stairwell that I knew had good acoustics. I didn’t have my guitar but it didn’t seem to matter. I huddled in the corner and let the music take over. For the first time I played guitar in my head. I could feel my fingers playing the notes and I could hear the music as if it were real. The lyrics came easily.

Black Angel comes to me in the night

Black Angel comes to me in the night

Burns my soul baby, Lord he burns my soul,

Burns my soul with his dark light.

Meets me at the crossroads, between here and there,

Takes me in his arms and whispers a prayer

Gonna take my soul, gonna take it tonight

Lord, Lord, Black Angel and his dark light

Black Angel comes to me in the night,

Yes he does, yes he does, lord, lord

Gonna make it all right.

This road is hard; this road is long,

Gonna need a hand, Black Angel make me strong

Gonna take me in his arms and love me all night long.

Oo yeah Black Angel, gonna burn my soul,

gonna burn it all night, burn it all night long.

Got the Black Angel blues, got em real bad,

He’s gonna rock them blues away, rock me baby, rock me,

Rock them blues away, oo yeah.

Black Angel come with me tonight.

Sweet angel, come with me tonight.

Burn my soul, burn my soul.